Extraordinary Behaviour


Extraordinary behaviour

Who hasn’t been excited after finding things that were part of the past? As you can imagine, I´m talking about those objects that we used to love when we were kids or the ones that our grandparents kept like treasures. I loved fiddling with the typewriter (even if its keys were hard to press) and going up into my grandparents attic searching for “discovers”. I still like doing that. I can find stuff that I could hardly find anywhere else.

This Illustration serie, called “Extraordinary Behaviour”, was created thanks all those memories and feelings, and it shows the objects that marked an era. I presented it for the first time at Nod-Roxy (Prague) less than one year ago. After that, I decided to create a limited edition (just 50 copies of each) so they can decorate a nice empty wall. Some of them already found a home, the rest will come to Prague with me at the end of the month. If somebody is interested to get any before that, can contact me on my facebook page or here. I won´t make more copies in the future so this is your chance! Don´t say I didn´t warn you! :)


Edición limitada láminas

Edición limitada láminas

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