Butterflies in my stomach



trust your gut

Yeap, I still get those butterflies. They don´t stop flying around in my stomach, and I have started loving them. Sometimes they make me nervous sometimes thrilled (or both!) but they are always a good sign. I bet you feel them from time to time too.

Less than one week to be sharing room with Martin – and his new Bohemian Design collection- at Prague Design Week 2015. We are trying to put the finishing touches to our work so we are a little bit nervous, but excited and happy. Those kind of nerves that create a sinking feeling in your stomach and sometimes don’t let you sleep thinking how to prepare this and that so the visitors feel comfy and connect with your work. Also the kind of nerves before going on a great trip. Some of you might think I am exaggerating (well… I’m Spanish!) but the truth is that when it comes to showing my work I get the same feelings again and again…

I believe when we work with our heart the final result says a lot about us.

BTW. If you want to know more about Prague design week, you can find much more info in their website. Enjoy it!

Wish us good luck prosím (please)! :)


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