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poesía eres tu

As you might know already, I just had illustrated and released the book “Poesías de Extremadura para niños”. A very special project for me that touched my heart since the very beginning. It was a long process, full of hard work and hours, not just illustrating, but also compiling the poems and taking care of the layout till the extreme. No editors, no agents, just the writer -Natividad- and me (and the printer company making a speechless job).

Illustrating poetry seems to me more complicated than illustrating prose, but illustrating for children was a good fun!

This September we finally saw how the book was born. The “gestation” was more than nine months, almost a year I would say. But it is worth the effort. It looks just as we imagined and wanted and I think it radiates love :). Not saying this because it is my “kid” but… it is freaking beautiful and tender :P

Intense September- Matadero Madrid!

Design Market, Graphic Design

Mercado Central de diseño

September was intense from the beginning to the end. Weekends included. I even stopped posting to focus on all the work we needed to have done.

We planned our road trip with the intention to arrive in Madrid just on time to participate at “Mercado central de diseño” (a really cool design market) as Bohemian Design, in Matadero. Over the moon and with the car overloaded -not just with suitcases but also with books, illustrations and notebooks- we drove half Europe in 3 days… :) Even if this time we couldn´t bring any furniture to the exposition, the best was yet to come.

Matadero, is for sure, a must if you visit Madrid and you love design. I fell in love with everything and even though I wanted to write a post like this one, I didn´t have time to take pictures of other designers because visitors were stopping by constantly. In fact, the pic that opens the post was made by Alejandro Melillo, who sent it to us few days later.

Concerts, great atmosphere and top designers are, in my opinion, the key of success. Next time I will take pictures for sure and you will see I am not exagerating! :)

PechaKucha Urban spaces!

PechaKucha Posters
PechaKucha Vol II: Urban Spaces

PechaKucha Vol II: Urban Spaces

And…here we go! PechaKucha Night Žďár nad Sázavou Vol II has its poster already! This time they will be talking about urban spaces. If you want to know more all the info is in the official web.
By the way! Can you guess which city is represented in the poster by the urban scene?

Have a great Monday!

Ps. + posters here

PechaKucha time!

PechaKucha Posters

Poster PechaKucha

Sometimes a project gets stuck in your head, right? You love it and you wish you could be part of it, but you simply don´t know how. PechaKucha was (for me) one of those cases. The idea behind is interesting and I can easily spend a lot of time watching the posters that they are compiling from different artists all around the world.

So when Martin, event organiser in Žďár nad Sázavou (Czech Republic), asked me to be part of the team I accepted (of course! :) ). It was an awesome night prepared with care and love by all of us (team, presenters and audience). If you are interested (and you don´t mind the fact that it is all in Czech) this is the link.

We are currently working on the Vol II, this time in collaboration with Žijeme Žďárem (a group of people who prepare other nice events in the town and are looking forward to helping us on this one). I can not show the new poster yet, but I will keep you updated! Meanwhile, you can see the 3 versions of the first poster here. You can also find it in PechaKucha´s tumblr together with hundreds of awesome posters from other designers! Enjoy it!


Diseño de tipografía para la portada del libro "Poesías de Extremadura para niños"-

Diseño de tipografía para la portada del libro “Poesías de Extremadura para niños”-

Few months ago I designed my first typo. I wanted to create something original for the book Poesías de Extremadura para niños so I started working on its cover ´s main font. Special books deserve special care :) If everything goes well it will be featured in September.

Today I am happy to share with you the gif I made with all the alphabet. Hope you like it!

4 years without taking a bath

Graphic Design

vacaciones. Belén Benegasi

…in the sea, don´t get me wrong ;) . Last time I was in the mediterranean sea was 4 years ago and it was a really fast visit (just few hours) so it should not even count. Now, finally, I am coming back! Ready to make an “angel” in the sand! :P
See you in few weeks!

sol y playa. Belén Benegasi

Head full of birds? :)

Prints / Patterns
Birds colors, Pretty Patterns

Birds colors, Pretty Patterns

In Spanish “tener la cabeza llena de pájaros” means literally “having the head full of birds” which actually means having crazy dreams/ideas or the head in the clouds. It sounds kinda offensive but hey, It is healthy to have dreams! the hard part comes when you have to work to make them true, right?

These time I made 3 patterns, but even if they have the same drawing they do not look similar at all. 3 patterns, 3 different styles. Actually the blue one reminds me so much the Portuguese tales that you can see in many buildings in Lisboa, Elvas, Évora, etc. Also, as you can see, these patterns are not done with watercolours and brushes. I have used a handrawing picture I did in my notebook in May. Hope you like them all :)

Warning! if you have ornithophobia don´t click here ;)

Happy Tuesday!

May tastes like March

Prints / Patterns
Flowers kids, Pretty Patterns

Flowers kids, Pretty Patterns

As much as I love Czech Republic I miss Spanish spring, and this May tastes a bit like a March (don´t get me wrong, March is cool but I am impatiently waiting to feel the sun more than 2 days in a row).

Anyway, finally I have some time to show you my latest serie of floral patterns. I started doing it in Spain and I finished it in Czech Republic few weeks ago. I maganed to print a sample for Prague Design Week but I didn´t have time till now to add the logo and upload it. If you like this one, you will love to see the rest of them here.

Have a great Friday!