4 years without taking a bath

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vacaciones. Belén Benegasi

…in the sea, don´t get me wrong ;) . Last time I was in the mediterranean sea was 4 years ago and it was a really fast visit (just few hours) so it should not even count. Now, finally, I am coming back! Ready to make an “angel” in the sand! :P
See you in few weeks!

sol y playa. Belén Benegasi

Head full of birds? :)

Prints / Patterns
Birds colors, Pretty Patterns

Birds colors, Pretty Patterns

In Spanish “tener la cabeza llena de pájaros” means literally “having the head full of birds” which actually means having crazy dreams/ideas or the head in the clouds. It sounds kinda offensive but hey, It is healthy to have dreams! the hard part comes when you have to work to make them true, right?

These time I made 3 patterns, but even if they have the same drawing they do not look similar at all. 3 patterns, 3 different styles. Actually the blue one reminds me so much the Portuguese tales that you can see in many buildings in Lisboa, Elvas, Évora, etc. Also, as you can see, these patterns are not done with watercolours and brushes. I have used a handrawing picture I did in my notebook in May. Hope you like them all :)

Warning! if you have ornithophobia don´t click here ;)

Happy Tuesday!