Little talks: our travel photography book

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little talks

This week, watching the travel photography book that I gave to Martin, I felt like sharing it with you. It is a compilation of our favourite pics, that we both took during our trips.

I have always loved photography. I got my first camera in a school raffle when I was six years old. It was a basic one but I was so excited that I took pictures of everything and, after that, convinced my mum to develop the roll :P I confess I did a quite weird “interesting” job. Anyway I enjoyed the process a lot. Over the years, I made a great discovery: the book/magazine layout. I have fun fixing the texts, the images…playing with typography (for me the most difficult task so far). I love it, and I am happy when I see the final result (btw: I am so looking forward to showing you the latest work “poesías de Extremadura para niños” -> poems about Extremadura for kids!).

I learned about magazine layout during my MA but before that I did four (4!) of the amazing photography courses that Jackie Rueda offers at her online school: She is a great photographer and a lovely teacher who shares her knowledge in a beautiful and friendly way. Highly recommended if you like photography (and speak Spanish)!

My first memory ever. Pretty Patterns II

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Crazy about ice creams, Pretty Patterns

Crazy about ice creams, Pretty Patterns

“Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos”

:) As an ice cream lover I couldn’t agree with this quote more. In fact my first memory is related to them, when a 3 years old me went to her first excursion to an ice cream factory. As you can imagine I was in paradise ;)

I cannot think of a better way to wish all of you an awesome Monday and a great week than posting these delicious patterns ;) If you like them you can find the complete serie clicking here

Hope you like them!