A little “sorpresa”



Alright, Extremadura does not fit just in one book, it does not even fit in a thousand of them. But everyone who knows it will agree with me that it deserves more attention.

The illustration you can see above belongs to a serie of illustrations that I am doing for one of the nicest and sweetest projects I have been involved so far. I feel like the little girl that you can see on the picture at the begining of the post. Drawing and drawing about Extremadura with all my heart.

So here we are, working in a poems book for kids about my beloved region. Written by Natividad Carmona, it is a book for Extremadura lovers. A book full of memories, feelings, emotions, colours and scents. All of them are recognizable by anyone who has spent here some time.

A Pretty Pattern and a good weekend!

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Rose petals, Pretty Patterns

Rose petals, Pretty Patterns

Those who know me know that I love flowers. What fewer people know (so far) is that I really enjoy creating prints/patterns. This week I have been sick at home, so I decided to put aside my computer and graphic tablet and take the brushes and paper instead (good old times :)) !!)

As a result I filled the paper with petals using my new watercolours . I did them in different colours but I decided to choose my favourites for this pattern. Hope you like it! you can see more clicking Pretty patterns

Have a good weekend guys!