Things that remind me of Czech Republic. Christmas wreaths



Sometimes I miss Czech Republic.

Sometimes, I would love to come back and visit again and again my favourite spots and share laughs, hugs, party and beers with many people who are still there :) . Sometimes the same thing happen to me when I am abroad and I start thinking about Spain. Because we are not in Prague now, we used the long weekend to make christmas wreaths and decorate the house with these beauties :)) I hope you like them.

Great Discovers!



Finding inspiring places in a city is hard (or easy) depending on where you are living. Luckily enough, coming back home for a while made me discover few spots I didn´t have idea they existed.

Last month I felt in love with one of them and I wanted to share it here with you. It´s called Espacio Convento. A beautiful coworking space. The building was a convent long time ago and now it has been remodelated creating a really cool mix between modern and old arquitecture and design.

On top of that, they prepare conferences and courses that are well worth it, specially if you are a dreamer with enterpreneur spirit and yearning for change ;P then I promise you it will be one of your favourite places in Badajoz.
You can take a look here